Rochester awarded nearly $5 million in state funding to fight poverty

    The $4.75 million is being allocated as part of the Rochester-Monroe Anti-Poverty Initiative. (Logo: UW Greater Rochester)

    Rochester/Albany, N.Y. (WHAM) - Early childhood anti-poverty programs in Rochester will be receiving nearly $5 million in state funding, according to Governor Andrew Cuomo.

    The $4.75 million is being allocated as part of the Rochester-Monroe Anti-Poverty Initiative.

    A new two-year pilot program will be focusing on new summer learning programs, child care and home visiting services for children and caregivers.

    The programs are focused in the EMMA neighborhood – East Main, Mustard & Atlantic Avenue – as well as Beechwood and Marketview Heights neighborhoods.

    For new families, both prenatally or shortly after birth, an additional 116 families in Monroe County will become part of at least one of these three initiatives: the Nurse-Family Partnership, Building Healthy Children, and Parents as Teachers. The programs focus on low-income, young, new families by giving them health and education support programs.

    Another program will be for summer learning. The summerLEAP program puts kids through an intensive six-week class to get them ready for kindergarten and preventing a loss of learning over the summer. Approximately 305 more pre-K age children will be part of the program this summer compared to 2016, with a plan to add 407 additional kids for summer 2018.

    The funding also aims to offer 18 months of child care support for an additional 300 children to help their parents stay employed.

    Of the $4.75 million, $3 million will come from the Office of Children and Family Services and the Office of Temporary Disability Assistance, will fund $1.075 million for the summer learning program, and $675,000 for expanded home visitation efforts through the United Way of Greater Rochester and its existing Empire State Poverty Reduction Initiative contract.

    You can learn more about the Rochester Monroe Anti-Poverty Initiative here.

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