Rochester Chamber offers help to Thomson Reuters' employees

    The Thomson Reuters office in Rochester will be closing. (WHAM photo)

    Rochester, N.Y. – The Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce is looking to help people looking for work following the news that the Thomson Reuters' office at Broad and Exchange Streets in downtown Rochester is closing.

    “We have heard rumblings over the years, but nothing concrete,” said Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Bob Duffy. “It was a little shocking to hear that yesterday.”

    It was also a surprise for Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren. Warren helped announce the expansion of Bausch + Lomb just hours before. In a statement she said, “Yesterday we were able to celebrate the creation of 100 new jobs at Bausch + Lomb. Unfortunately, we also learned of Thomson Reuters’ plans to downsize their operations. Our first thoughts are with the area families who will be affected by these cuts and this announcement only deepens our resolve to work every day to create more jobs and job opportunities. Only through job growth can we build safer and more vibrant neighborhoods and better educational outcomes for all citizens.”

    On Wednesday, Duffy said the chamber is looking to help find new work for impacted employees. He said there were about 425 working at the downtown location.

    “For the last two or three decades, when closings happen, those jobs seem to get assimilated into our economy and we seem to do a pretty good job, maybe absorbing some of those employees,” said Duffy.

    Former Thomson Reuters employee Michael Bowman said he wasn’t surprised to hear the office was closing. He retired in April.

    “We talked about it and we kind of knew, these are old buildings that aren't being used to the extent that they could be,” said Bowman. “In the last three or four years, let's say, we could tell that people were leaving and not being replaced, and the number of cubicles empty were getting bigger.”

    On Tuesday, Thomson Reuters' communications officer, Jeffrey McCoy, said the office is closing as a way to run the “global business operations more efficiently.”

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