Rochester Plates sell out, Garbage Plates hit fever pitch

Frontier Field, Rochester (WHAM photo)

Rochester, N.Y. - At Frontier Field Thursday night, home plate belonged to the "Plates." The Rochester Red Wings became the Rochester Plates for one day only to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Nick Tahou's garbage plate.

It was an unlikely match most didn't see coming - never mind taking off! The two Rochester traditions, the Red Wings and the Garbage Plates were a major hit under the lights of Frontier Field.

"Definitely going to get a plate!" Tyler Candelaria told 13WHAM News.

"It's plates, it's Rochester - it's what we're known for," Patrick Crowley added. "Big baseball guy, Rochester guy, this is just a big night for Rochester!"

Fans loved celebrating the 100th anniversary of Nick Tahou's and bought Garbage Plates and Plates gear.

"It's a pretty cool tradition for the anniversary. Nick Tahou's has been a staple in Rochester for a long time," Glenn Hasman said.

And no matter what you like on your Garbage Plate...

"I get everything on my plate, but I'm not a big onion person," Ryan Herbert said.

"The salad, the mac salad," Hasman shared.

Some waited close to an hour for the famous dish.

"Of course it's worth it, it's a Garbage Plate! It's Rochester, you have to have a Garbage Plate," Herbert continued.

Others, like Hasman's grandson, just came for the baseball and the Plates gear.

"Are you going to get a Garbage Plate?" we asked Aiden Wells. "No! I don't like Garbage Plates!" he replied.

The Plates sold out the game, and the game sold thousands of plates.

"It's a great promotion, and it has been very successful," Hasman continued.

"Sellout crowd, beautiful night, you can't beat it!" Herbert shared.

The Plates were such a hit, the team announced late Thursday that every Thursday home game in 2018 will be Plates-themed.

The Red Wings' general manager says the best part of all of this was the number of people reached outside of Rochester.

Alex Tahou of Nick Tahou's said this marketing campaign was bigger and better than anyone expected.

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