Missing 70-year-old Rochester woman found at local hotel

Elizabeth Watkins

Rochester, N.Y. (WHAM) - A 70-year-old woman who has been missing since the beginning of the month has been found, safe and sound.

Officers said Elizabeth Watkins disappeared around August 1st, last seen at her Locust Street home, according to her granddaughter Alexanderia Vanepps.

Police notified the media around 11:30 Saturday night that Watkins had been located and appeared in good health.

Family tells 13WHAM she was found at a Rochester motel Saturday.

They say she checked in a day or two ago. Family says staff recognized her from the news reports and contacted police.

It’s still not clear where she was during the rest of the time she was gone.

"That's not like her at all, she'll leave maybe for a couple hours at most to go and pay her bills," Vanepps had said earlier in the week.

Vanepps tells 13WHAM her mother lives with Watkins, has medical issues and didn't tell Vanepps her grandmother was missing for days.

"She was like, grandma took off four-days ago and I haven't seen her since," said Vanepps. "I was like, what do you mean grandma took off 4 days ago?"

Vanepps said she called police. Rochester police handed out flyers on Locust Street in the city to Watkins' neighbors, Friday.

Neighbors tell 13WHAM they have been wondering where she was. She sits on her porch daily and hasn't been there since the beginning of the month, according to neighbors.

She was reported missing by her family on Saturday, August 4. Police did not release information about her disappearance until Friday morning.

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