Two women, one man shot in Rochester park

Multiple police officers have blocked Troup Street Park to investigate a possible shooting in the area.

Rochester, N.Y. - Three people were shot inside Troup Street Park Monday night, according to the Rochester Police Department.

Police said Tatiana Stacy, 26, was taken to the hospital by AMR.

Willie Wofford Jr., 20, and Jasmine Boga, 28, were taken to the hospital in a private vehicle, officers said.

Police said the victims are all three live in Rochester and are in either guarded or stable condition.

No arrests have been made.

Officers said there was a large crowd at the park at the time of the shooting, and said the scene was chaotic when they first arrived.

Crime tape was put up around the playground and more than two dozen officers were scene.

Police said they are interviewing witnesses and are reviewing footage from a nearby surveillance camera.

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