Rochester riding out final frigid surge before temperatures spike mid-week

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Rochester, N.Y. (13WHAM) - High winds, snow, and bone-chilling cold temperatures settled into the Rochester area Thursday, making life difficult for many.

From slippery commutes, to icy-cold gas pumps, everyday activities have become more of a headache for some, driving many to stay indoors as much as possible.

"I got out this morning, me and my neighbor, shoveled my driveway, and we both said the same thing, 'See you tomorrow.'" said Braxton Moses of West Henrietta. He spoke to 13WHAM as he pumped his gas at a Henrietta station on Saturday night, a simple activity which has been more of a chore of late, given the weather conditions.

The extreme conditions has made life even tougher for those who spend much of their days outdoors.

"You're out there for five minutes and you're iced over with the spray from the water, the winds, the cold," said Ridge Culver FD Capt. Mark Thomas. "The first five minutes you're active (on a call), but as things slow down, your muscles fatigue, and guys get hurt."

Capt. Thomas is among many happy to see a break in the weather, especially the temperatures, in the coming days. He says it'll make responding to many of his calls easier.

And he's not alone, either.

"Upstate is a little strange, it gets over 30 (degrees) we think it's warm in the winter, so it'll be like summertime for us," said Moses.

He, like Steven LeBerth, is looking forward to the break.

"-2 (degrees) don't like that. But after that, it's going to be a lot warmer," said LeBerth, who lives in Rochester. "It's going to get real nice- nice weather to welcome the Bills back after a playoff win in Jacksonville," LeBerth said.

LeBerth wishes he was in Jacksonville for the Bills game on Sunday, but he's grateful enough to have warmer temperatures on the way.

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