Rochester Skate Park is big win for one local group

Construction starts next spring with a planned opening next fall.

A skate park is coming to Rochester

$ 1 million from the state will be used to build a skate park as part of the ROC the Riverway project.

The path to this project began with a Rochester teen trying to find his way.

For Alan Presutti, skateboarding is more than a hobby.

He started skate boarding as a teen, a way to stay positive when his father passed away.

"I was at a prime age with a lot of freedom in my life," said President of Roc City Skate Park Presutti. "I could have gotten in a lot of trouble."

Now he skateboards with his sons. But there’s no skate park in the city. Instead they skate on sidewalks, or driveways.

"It’s very difficult. There are cars, pedestrians, business owners," said Presutti.

So Presutti went to the city asking for a park in a field by South Avenue, underneath the I-490 bridge.

It's a project that's taken him almost 11 years to get funding.

"There were moments I wanted to give up. Sleepless nights. Lots of stress," he said. "It weighs on you, but I also knew the end goal was of value, a piece of the puzzle to the city."

Then this week, he was stunned when Governor Andrew Cuomo approved $1 million for the park.

Now he looks at the site where the Rochester community will soon skate. The city is hungry for healthy activity outside.

Children from all ranges of ages and races and financial backgrounds can participate. His kids can't wait to skate.

I’m excited to go to a place with not the many rocks and I won’t get yelled at," said Connell Presutti.

"Believe in a dream.Things can happen, get involved persevere, work hard, you can achieve things you didn’t know were possible," said Alan.

Supporters of the park believe there are several thousand skaters who will use it. Construction starts next spring with a planned opening next fall.

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