Nephews of Rochester woman were killed in Schoharie limo crash

    Axel, Amy and Rich Steenburg were killed in a limo crash in Schoharie on Saturday. (provided photo)

    ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WHAM) - Jessica Andrews last saw her two nephews in April at her own mother's funeral.

    "They didn't really know my mother, but they were there, suits and ties, to pay their respects,” said Andrews.

    Andrews' brother, Lester, was stepfather to Axel and Rich Steenburg. Both young men were killed in the limo crash in Schoharie Saturday afternoon.

    "My brother was part of their lives for over 15 years and they loved him like he was their dad,” she said. "He loved them as if they were his own, he was always there to support them."

    Late Saturday, Andrews got the devastating news from her brother.

    "He said, 'You're just not going to believe it.' He said 'Axel and Amy and Rich, they are all dead,'” she said.

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    Rich, Axel and his new wife, Amy, were all passengers in the limo. Axel and Amy were just married in June.

    "It's horrific that 17 young people set out to a have a good time responsibly, and they lost their lives along with the driver, along with two people in the parking lot,” said Andrews.

    Andrews said her brother believes Axel and Amy had rented the limo for her 30th birthday.

    "Janet and my brother are the kind of people that they are going to want answers, but it certainly isn't going to bring Amy and Axel and Rich back,” said Andrews.

    The family of Rich Steenburg released the following statement to 13WHAM Monday evening:

    The Steenburg and King families suffered tremendous loss yesterday that is nothing short of tragic. Those left behind by the perished include children, spouses and parents - among others. We thank all of the first responders who have assisted, those who have reached out with kindness and love and those who continue to support us as we mourn those we lost. We also ask for respect and compassion as we continue the grieving process and cope through such misfortune.

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