Rush ceremony honors veterans who served in all major American conflicts

Veterans Memorial Park in Rush held a re-dedication ceremony Saturday morning.

Rush, N.Y. - A ceremony was held Saturday to honor local veterans.

Veterans Memorial Park in Rush held a re-dedication ceremony.

A new flagpole there includes nine commemorative plaques.

Each one is for the nine major American conflicts, along with 800 names of Rush residents who served in them.

"When you look at the plaques and see the number from the Civil War, the Revolutionary War, World War 2 and so forth, it's really amazing to me," said Norma Miller from the Stevens-Connor American Legion Post.

"This is important for the future generations, for future service providers that are going to serve our country to see how we take care of our veterans to see how we memorialize them and their sacrifices," said Monroe County Sheriff Todd Baxter.

Among the 800 names of veterans on the plaques is the father of 13WHAM's Doug Emblidge, who served in WWII.

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