Schenectady Police arrest mother of missing 4-month-old

    Schenectady Police announced the arrest of Heaven Puleski. (PHOTO: Schenectady Police)

    SCHENECTADY, N.Y. (WRGB) - Prosecution and court paperwork made it clear on Wednesday that authorities believe the body Heaven Puleski, 38, allegedly put into plastic bags and hid behind her apartment was 4-month-old Rayen Puleski, her son.

    "Today she was formally charged with three counts, two of which were felonies."

    Schenectady County Assistant District Attorney Christina Tremante fought Wednesday in court for Heaven Puleski to remain behind bars for now.

    "The nature of the charges as I said which centered around concealment and deception which suggest that she may not obey the court in following the rules which are to come back," Tremante said.

    Puleski is charged with Endangering the Welfare of a Child, Tampering with Evidence, and Concealment of a Human Corpse.

    Court paperwork reads that around July 17, Puleski "knowingly injected herself with heroin while being responsible for the care of the victim, her infant son."

    The papers go on to say Puleski then concealed her son's dead body by "putting it inside plastic bags and hiding it in an overgrown grassy area so it wouldn't be found."

    "Our presumption at this point based on the investigation is that the remains that were found were Rayen," Tremante said.

    Puleski's attorney had no comment on Wednesday afternoon. In court, she requested that her client be released with supervision and get help for a possible drug addiction. The prosecution argued that with a list of Puleski's past offenses: three prior failures to appear in court, and a conviction for escaping police custody when she was once arrested in Gloversville. The defense also claimed Puleski has cooperated with police, but the prosecution said she only willingly answered questions once police found her last week and took her into custody.

    The judge remanded Puleski on $20,000 bail, $40,000 bond. Police and prosecution note the case, and cause of death in the child, is still under investigation.

    Puleski could only plead not guilty to the misdemeanor Child Endangerment; the two felonies will need to be pleaded to in a higher court. She's due back in court on Monday.

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