Search for Owen Hidalgo-Calderon continues Saturday

Investigators combed through farmland Friday, searching for Owen (WHAM photo)

Sodus, N.Y. - The search for one-year-old Owen Hidalgo-Calderon continued Friday as Wayne County Sheriff's deputies and volunteers worked to search hundreds of acres on a farm in Sodus along Joy Road.

The search included cadaver dogs, firefighters and EMS.

Wayne County Sheriff Barry Virts said they haven't found any signs of the missing baby but are looking for things like clothing, personal items and any vegetation that looks like its been disturbed.

These are the clues the sheriff said could lead them to Owen. He said, right now, there is reason to believe the baby is somewhere on the farm. That's why close to 150 people were out searching for him again on Friday.

The search for Owen intensified Friday morning. Volunteers combed through orchards and heavily-wooded areas. Sheriff Virts said he hopes to find the baby alive, but this will likely be a recovery.

"As a grandfather and as a father, my heart tells me we will find young Owen," he said.

Sheriff Virts said they've been searching a farm in Sodus along Joy Road since Sunday after a missing person's report was filed to help locate Owen and his mother, Selena Hidalgo-Calderon.

"I have nothing to report that we have found on the farm," he added.

Virts said he's leaving no stoned unturned, and decided to send out Friday's AMBER alert in hopes someone would know where Owen is.

"To cover our bases, we decided to send out the AMBER alert. I have no evidence whatsoever that this is an abduction," said Virts.

He said Owen was last seen with Alberto Reyes. He was the boyfriend of Owen's mother. He was charged with evidence tampering after police say the mother’s body was found in a bag buried near a farm where she once lived.

Virts said this is a homicide investigation, and he is waiting for results from the Monroe County Medical Examiner as to how Selena died.

"He has not said anything after our interview yesterday," Virts said about Reyes. "He asked for an attorney."

On Friday, deputies located a cell phone after receiving reports Reyes may have dumped it along Route 104 on his way to Attica. They are hoping it might have information vital to this investigation.

"We are going to have contact info, we are going to have text info, all the kinds of things we will analyze," said Virts.

The sheriff said investigators will be back out searching the farm land again Saturday and Sunday. He said if nothing is found, they will have another multi-agency meeting to figure out what the long-term plan in the search for Owen.

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