See what you don't know you're sharing on Facebook

Facebook settings allow you to control what you share with third-party apps.

ROCHESTER, N.Y. -- Your friends list, likes and personal email. You may be sharing it all right now on Facebook and not even realize it.

Millions of Facebook users are being notified their data was breached as part of the Cambridge Analytica scandal which used an app called "This Is Your Digital Life."

"It tells you that Facebook has banned the app and it tells you what steps you can take as a user to minimize access to your data or take more control over your data on Facebook,” said Marcus Harris, a technology attorney for Taft Stettinius & Hollister.

While not every user is impacted by the breach. Harris says everyone should know what they are sharing online.

"You want to be able to understand what third-party applications are accessing your data and you want to be able to understand to the extent you can, how they are utilizing your data,” said Harris.

The first step is to go to your settings, then choose apps and websites. It will show you which apps have access to your profile.

For example, I use Hulu. The app knows my birthday, email and all my "likes.”

Another app, Etsy, has access to my entire friends list. I can now restrict that access in settings.

Harris says Facebook users have to educate themselves.

"Make sure they're comfortable with what Facebook is doing with their data and if they aren't they need to either severely restrict Facebook's ability to provide that data to third party applications or really think about abandoning the platform in its entirety,” said Harris.

Harris still believes Facebook needs to do more -- explaining to users the type of data collected, where it goes and how it's used.

"People just don't understand the scope and depth of the data collection that Facebook engages in,” said Harris.

To see if you’re impacted by the Facebook breach, click on this link while logged into Facebook.

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