Seneca Park Zoo begins first phase of renovations

A rendering of the new passenger tram in the works for the first phase of Seneca Park Zoo's master renovation plan. (Photo: Monroe County)

Rochester, N.Y. (WHAM) - The first phase of Seneca Park Zoo's master renovation plan is now under construction.

Monroe County and city construction crews broke ground on the upgrades Tuesday morning.

The renovations include an African savannah exhibit, a cold Asia exhibit, and a passenger tram system to help visitors get to each side of the zoo easily.

Monroe County Executive Cheryl Dinolfo explained why this project is so important.

"When we're talking about the Seneca Park Zoo, I mean certainly we're talking about the county's commitment to animal preservation, to conservation and that's important," Dinolfo said. "But it's equally important as we look at the quality of life in Monroe County. We want to make sure that people who live here, continue to live here."

The Zoo also plans to add giraffes and a red panda to its new exhibits.

The $60 million expansion is expected to be completed in five years. $37 million of that money will be coming from the county, and the other $20 million will be coming from donors.

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