Shoppers dash to malls, postal companies to return holiday gifts

Shoppers dash to malls, postal companies to return holiday gifts (WHAM Photo)

Rochester, N.Y. - Twas the day after Christmas, and a rush to make those holiday returns.

"Zappos is awesome because they do free returns," said Sarah Johnson at the UPS Store in Gates. "You just print the label and send it in."

According to UPS, however, not every retailer is created equal.

"L.L. Bean for example, some of their returns are prepaid and some of them are not," said Sean Alexis, manager of the UPS Store in Gates. "Several companies do not even have the prepaid return policies."

If you lost or never received your return label, Alexis says you can get that information from the retail company itself.

At the Peppermint Boutique in Rochester, Tanvi Asher has an exchange-only policy. She says on Christmas Eve, she and her staff put out all new merchandise for her customers.

"They don't feel like everything is picked over, and if they were looking for a certain size of something, we have it for them," Asher said.

At The Mall at Greece Ridge, Bob King bought his wife the wrong Mary Tyler Moore DVD.

"We already have the first season, so I'm hoping they have the fourth season," said Bob's wife, Holly King.

The couple say they prefer the mall, as do the thousands of people who chose the day after Christmas to burn cash.

"Anything that I didn't get for Christmas, I'm going to buy for myself," said Carol Hinds of Greece.

"I took the day off because I knew that my kids would want to go shopping," said mom Lisa Freeman. "They are out returning, using gift cards, using money and they are hopefully taking mom to lunch."

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