Sideline hit sums up positive attitude of 13WHAM's Jenna Cottrell

"Just brush it off and literally get back up."

Buffalo, N.Y. - 13WHAM's Jenna Cottrell took a big hit at the Buffalo Bills game Sunday.

"There wasn't really much to think about, it happened so fast," said Jenna.

It always happens fast on the NFL sidelines, which is where Jenna works on game days. She describes what happened, right before the hit.

"I see Jameis Winston drop back and I think he's definitely gonna throw it," said Jenna. "I see him release the ball, then I turn and see Mike Evans' helmet coming right at me."

Jenna took the hit and got right back up. Bouncing back is what Jenna does and not just on the sidelines.

"In January I was diagnosed with stage four Hodgkin's lymphoma, went through 12 rounds of chemo and that was a challenge," said Jenna. "Then in August I got my last scan back saying I was cancer free."

To celebrate being cancer free, Jenna rang a bell in the 13WHAM newsroom and then went back to work.

When she isn't anchoring or reporting, she's on the sidelines doing what she does even if, like an NFL player, you don't always see it coming.

"That's the best way to do it," said Jenna. "Just brush it off and literally get back up. You can accomplish whatever you want to do. I feel like that was kind of a figurative sense of what I've been through, but, hey, you have a good time and you roll with it. Life's gonna give you punches, but you've gotta get back up."

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