Sodus science students explore why some strawberries taste different than others

    Students conducted lab tests on soil samples. (Photo: Warner School of Education)

    Middle school students in Sodus used science to explore why strawberries from two different fields on the same farm can taste different.

    The hands-on research was part of a week long summer camp called the Get Real! Science Camp.

    Students conducted tests on the soil at Burnap's farm. They investigated the sources of water from the streams to Sodus Bay. They also studied invasive species, like the stink bug, to better understand how the soil, water, and insects can affect crops.

    Students ran lab tests on soil samples from two strawberry fields and a third location near the parking lot.

    They discovered that soil from one of the fields had levels of nutrients that more closely matched the ideal nutrient conditions for growing strawberries, compared to the soil from the other locations.

    Also, as a separate experience, the students did a blind taste test where they compared the taste of strawberries from Burnap's Farm with strawberries from a local grocery store. Every student voted for the Burnap's Farm strawberries.

    The Get Real! Science Camp is led by graduate students who are training to become science teachers at the University of Rochester’s Warner School of Education.

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