Someone You Should Know: Mino Mohamaddi

(WHAM photo)

When Mino Mohamaddi came to Heather Heights in Pittsford, his first assignment was to clean the railings and doorknobs throughout the assisted living center. It’s an important job, especially in a place where senior citizens live, and especially during flu season.

Mino, who’s 20, is in the Penfield School District’s post-graduate Life Centered Education program. The job is part of a life skills class, but it became more than just an assignment when he met Heather Heights maintenance employee Miguel Morales.

Mino wanted to do more than clean surfaces around Heather Heights, and asked if Morales needed help with other jobs.

“I saw in him something different. I saw that he could do more than he was doing," Morales says.

Morales saw great potential in Mino, who is hearing impaired and lives with some disabilities. With Morales’ help, Mino leanred how to work with power tools so he could do other tasks around the facility. It was the beginning of a special friendship.

Asked what he likes best about his work, Mino says, “helping Miguel.”

Mino’s can-do attitude has endeared him to the residents and staff at Heather Heights. Especially Morales.

“To me, this kid right here is my family,” says Morales, choking up a bit. “I never had a son, he's like my son.”

Morales says Miguel is also a good worker. And a good friend.

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