Spotted lanternfly detected in Yates, Albany Counties

    Spotted lanternfly (Photo courtesy: New York State DEC)

    Penn Yan, N.Y./Albany County, N.Y. – An invasive pest has been detected in Yates and Albany Counties, the State DEC announced Tuesday.

    An adult spotted lanternfly was found at a private lake property in Penn Yan, and another was found inside a vehicle in the Capital District.

    The spotted lanternfly is native to Asia and feeds on dozens of plants, including maples, apple trees and hops.

    The DEC says the pests can cause stress to plants and make them vulnerable to other insects and disease.

    “This pest has the potential to severely impact our state’s agricultural and tourism industries,” State DEC Commissioner Basil Seggos said in a statement released Tuesday. “We are encouraging the public to send us better information to bolster our efforts – they are our eyes on the ground.”

    Searches for the pest have been conducted and, to date, no others have been found in the state as of yet.

    Adult spotted lanternflies are described as being about an inch long, a half-inch wide, with eye-catching wings.

    Anyone who believes they may have spotted the pest is asked to send a photo to For more about the insect, click here.

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