Curfew in place until Wednesday morning due to Seneca County flooding

A mandatory evacuation order was given Tuesday morning by the Sheriff's Office for all people living in Lodi Point. (WHAM photo)

Lodi, N.Y. (WHAM) - The Seneca County Sheriff and the Seneca County Emergency Management Office has declared a State of Emergency in the southern part of the county due to flooding.

A mandatory evacuation order was given Tuesday morning by the Sheriff's Office for all people living in Lodi Point. A total of 65 people were evacuated by boat and taken to a shelter at the Ovid Federated Church on Main Street in Ovid. Anyone who is in need of emergency assistance should call 911.

Seneca County Sheriff Tim Luce declared a curfew for the area from 7:30 p.m. Tuesday until sunrise Wednesday. Patrols will be in place to enforce the curfew.

A travel advisory is also in place for all boats on Seneca Lake adjacent to the South Seneca County area. Boaters are advised to reduce their speeds and look for debris in the water.

Governor Andrew Cuomo arrived mid-morning in Lodi to survey the damage and talking about rescue efforts in the area.

Heavy machinery was brought in to rescue about 50 people who are trapped near a campsite near the Lodi Point Marine Park, including some firefighters. Governor Cuomo said crews hoped to bring them to safety soon before the next round of storms roll in.

Huge piles of debris are strewn across the roads in the town. Cuomo said this will be a multi-step process and hopes to have the stranded people out within a couple hours.

Cuomo cautioned people who might still be in their home in Lodi or surrounding areas to leave if they can.

"These are people who chose to stay and we run into this situation over and over," Cuomo said. "People like to stay in their homes. I understand that. But if you are in an area that is flood prone, that has flooded before, it is apparently safe, but it can ultimately be very dangerous to remain in your home. And then an emergency situation becomes created like the situation we're in now."

One woman was reported as having minor injuries, but otherwise, no one has been seriously injured or killed.

The State of Emergency includes the Towns of Covert, Lodi, Ovid, and Romulus.

Heavy rain has caused major flooding in those areas.

Many roads remain closed, and a travel advisory has been issued.

The Sheriff's Office says emergency crews are working to help people. Residents are urged to shelter in place and move to higher ground if they experience high water.

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