Stolen motorcycles, ATVs in 4 towns spurs investigation in Monroe County

Burglaries and vehicle thefts have been reported in at least four towns, including Chili, Parma, Hamlin and Greece. Investigators believe several thieves are targeting rural areas of those towns. (WHAM photo)

Monroe County, N.Y. (WHAM) - Police and Monroe County Sheriff's deputies on the west side of the county are investigating a multi-town crime spree.

Burglaries and vehicle thefts have been reported in at least four towns, including Chili, Parma, Hamlin and Greece. Investigators believe several thieves are targeting rural areas of those towns.

Thomas Schramm had two motorcycles and his ATV stolen Monday night. He says he feels violated, but importantly the thieves did not enter his home and harm his family.

"It was tough to swallow, really," Schramm said.

At 2 a.m. Tuesday, Schramm said he got a knock on his door from deputies.

"They let me know that they recovered my four wheeler that was on the Parkway," Schramm said. "I told them that was impossible. I just saw it hours ago, two hours ago, before I went to bed."

But it was true. Late Monday night into early Tuesday morning, deputies with the Monroe County Sheriff's Office said thieves went into Schramm's garage in Hamlin and stole those two motorcycles and the ATV.

"Then when I I looked further into the garage and saw the other stuff, I pretty much had a meltdown,” Schramm said.

That other stuff Schramm referred to was his motorcycle gear - estimated to cost about $25,000.

"It's all things that I worked hard for, to save up for and purchase," Schramm said. "That really bothers me, that they were here and I didn’t know it, and now they’re gone and who knows if they’re caught.”

Late Tuesday morning, deputies located Schramm's custom-built motorcycle. He said the suspects ditched the bike in some weeds about a mile and a half away on Brick School House Road. But one of his motorcycles is still missing.

"It does have sentimental value," Schramm said. "My dad went and looked at it with me. He’s no longer with us, but it does definitely have sentimental value. I would like to get that one back, if I could.”

Schramm said this is a lesson he has had to learn the hard way.

"It's just a good reminder to lock up your things," he said. "It could really happen to anyone.”

Deputies have arrested one person in this string of burglaries: 22-year-old Nicholas Albarran of Rochester. Albarran is accused of stealing a dirt bike and three ATVs in Hamlin in a separate case.

Albarran is charged with third-degree criminal possession of stolen property.

Anyone with information on the cases is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 423-9300.

The following incidents, courtesy of the Monroe County Sheriff's Office, have been reported on the office's crime blotter:


UUV-Stolen Vehicle Names Road 18-104705

Sometime between 6-10-18 (2330) and 6-11-18 (0740) an unknown suspect(s) stole a 2003 blue Toyota Corolla 4DSD, from the driveway at the above location. The vehicle was unsecure and the spare key to the vehicle was in the center console.

UUV-Stolen Vehicle Names Road 18-104704

Sometime on 6-11-18 (0030-0730) an unknown suspect(s) stole a 2014 grey Subaru Forester SUV from the driveway of the above location. The vehicle was unsecure and the victim reported that a spare set of keys may have been in the glovebox of the vehicle. Surveillance video was retrieved from Names Road. The video showed at least four suspects stealing property from vehicles and sheds.

Burglary 3rd Names Road 18-104677

Sometime between 6-10-18 (1930) and 6-11-18 (0600) an unknown suspect(s) entered an unlocked, enclosed trailer in the front yard and an unlocked shed in the back yard of the above location. Three bicycles (blue Diamond Back 28”, blue Fuji 28” Crossover, black /grey Fuji 26”Road Bike) and a Craftsman Pressure Washer were stolen from inside. The black/grey Fuji 26” road bike was recovered at the edge of a tree line on Names Road.


Burglary 2 GL3 Peck Road 18-104683

Sometime between 6-10-18 (2200) and 6-11-18 (0309) unknown suspect(s) entered an unsecured attached garage and an unsecure storage shed at the above location and stole; red/yellow Honda CRF 2005, red Honda CRF 50cc Dirt Bike, and a Blue Yamaha TTR 85cc Dirt Bike. Surveillance video on Peck Road, captured video of a pickup truck (tool box, 3 forward facing lights on the cab, decal on driver door) driving on the property at 0206 hours.

Burglary 3rd PL Peck Road 18-104733

On 6-11-18 (0000-0806 hours) an unknown suspect(s) entered an unlocked vehicle at the above location and stole a Kate Spade zippered wallet from inside. It appears the suspect attempted to enter the detached garage and opened the doors to two sheds at the same location. The victim reported hearing her dog bark at approximately 1230 hours.

GL4 Stolen Vehicle Peck Road 18-104635

On 6-11-18 (0155-0200) an unknown suspect(s) stole a 2008 grey Chevrolet Impala from the driveway at the above location. The victim reported that he believed the vehicle was unlocked and the keys were left inside. There was damage to the hood of the Impala from a recent deer struck MVA. On 6-12-18, this vehicle was recovered on the side of the road near Hastings Street in Rochester, NY (RPDCR#18-137845). The vehicle was found locked with no key inside. The vehicle was towed to Fleet garage for additional Tech work. Also located in the above area was a 2003 Cadillac Escalade. This vehicle was also a recovered stolen vehicle; see Greece PD CR#18-033531.

Burglary2, Burglary 3, GL3 Stolen Vehicle Peck Road 18-104615

On 6-11-18 (0154) the homeowners of the above address were awoken to the sound of their GMC Sierra Pick Up truck starting. One of the victims at the location ran outside after the pickup truck which drove behind a pole barn on the property. The victim could hear multiple voices saying just “leave it. “ The suspect who was driving the pickup truck abandoned it on the grass of the property with the door open. During that time the victim also heard the engine of their 2018 Polaris Razor XP1000 UTV start up. The victim then witnessed an unknown suspect drive off with that vehicle. The keys to the UTV were in the vehicle at the time of the theft. The UTV was spotted by the Greece Police within several minutes of the initial 911 call in the area of West Ridge Road and Latona Road. The UTV was later spotted in the City of Rochester on several blue light cameras and by RPD East Side/Clinton Section Cars. The UTV was also seen on camera, along with two dirt bikes racing up and down Clinton Avenue.

PL Criminal Mischief Peck Road 18-104846

Sometime between 6-10-18 (2330) and 6-11-18 (0700) unknown suspect(s) entered an unlocked 2015 Jeep Cherokee at the above location and stole keys and a key fob from the center console of the vehicle. The keys are to another vehicle that was not at the location during the time of the larceny. A screen cut was located on an outbuilding at the above location. Entry was not made into the building. Attempts were also made to access a trailer on the property.


Burglary3 PL Shore Acres Road 18-108888

Sometime between 6-16-18 (2230) and 6-17-18 (1300) an unknown suspect(s) entered an unsecure (overhead door open) detached garage and stole property including: Blue/White Remote Control Helicopter, Various Fireworks, BB Gun. It also appeared as if a suspect tried to enter the garage at another residence on Walker Lake Ontario Road, which is an adjacent property, owned by the same victim. There was a shoe print found on the rear garage door as if someone tried to kick it open. A gate that allows access into the enclosed area (that the door was in) was also found propped open. A bucket of fireworks and a BB Gun were located at the corner of Walker Lake Ontario Road.

Burglary3 GL3 Greenwood Parkway 18-108675

Sometime between 6-16-18 (2300) and 6-17-18 (0600) an unknown suspect(s) entered the locked garage by forcing open the rear garage man door. The suspect(s) then stole: a Red Honda CRF 125 2014 Dirt Bike, two White Honda 250R 1986 ATVs, and a White Polaris 90cc ATV. The Polaris ATV was recovered about 100 Yards to the west of the location on a dead end dirt trail. The morning of the burglary report, NYSP advised MCSO that they were out with a Honda ATV (later identified as stolen by the victim) on route 390 near Chili Avenue. Another vehicle was with the ATV (2003 Honda Accord). This vehicle was occupied by a male named Nicolas Albarran of Magnolia Street Rochester, NY, who stated he was bringing gas to the ATV. Albarran was wearing riding gear and had a helmet and a GoPro in his car. MCSO interviewed Albarran at length as to why he was out with the stolen ATV. He gave several stories but never admitted to stealing it. Albarran was charged with CPSP 3 and arraigned in Gates Town Court where he was remanded to MCJ (18-108717).

Burglary2 GL3 Walker Lake Ontario Road 18-109897

Sometime between 6-18-18 (2200) and 6-19-18 (0253) an unknown suspect(s) entered a garage at the above location and stole property including: a black Suzuki 1000CC Motorcycle NYREG#11RN38, a red Yamaha 1200CC Motorcycle NYSREG#33TR33, and a brown/camo colored Yamaha Grizzly 4-Wheeler NYSREG#97JS00. Other property stolen included: riding apparel such as leather jackets, gloves, helmets, etc. There were two vehicles at the location that were rummaged through, however no property appeared to have been stolen. The victim believed that the garage door (which was secure) may have been opened using a garage door opener. The burglary was discovered when a Deputy located an unoccupied Yamaha Grizzly ATV in the area of Lowden Point in Greece NY. The ATV came back registered to Walker Lake Ontario Road at which time the resident was contacted and the burglary was discovered. Additionally a black helmet stolen during the burglary was located in the area of the Parkway and Manitou Beach Road.

Burglary3 CM4 Tucker Lane 18-109811

On 6-18-18 (2316) MCSO responded to Tucker Lane for the report of an alarm. Upon arrival a break at the location was confirmed. A window on the west side of the detached garage was broken and the front door to the residence was found unlocked. Despite the door being found unlocked it did not appear as if the suspect made entry into the home. The victims did not report anything missing as a result of this burglary at this point.

Burglary2 CM4 Tucker Lane 18-109850

On 6-18-18 (2316) MCSO responded to another address on Tucker Lane for the report of an alarm. Upon arrival a break at the location was confirmed. MCSO also checked this address and found a break at this location (north side door). There was damage to windows on a door at Tucker Lane and doors and drawers at the location were found ajar which indicated someone going through the residence. The house is currently under renovation and the owner was unable to be contacted. It is unknown if there was any property stolen.

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