SUNY confirms 2 cases of mumps, one on Oswego campus

Two cases of mumps have been reported at SUNY campuses - one of which is SUNY Oswego. (MGN Online photo)

Albany, N.Y. (WHAM) - Two cases of mumps have been reported Thursday at SUNY campuses - one of which is SUNY Oswego.

The second case is at SUNY Plattsburgh. Both cases were tested and confirmed through laboratories.

The case at SUNY Oswego is believed to be associated with a recent mumps outbreak in Long Island. More than 45 cases of mumps were related to this outbreak, according to the New York State Department of Health.

Since June, the Nassau County Department of Health has identified more than 45 cases of mumps related to this outbreak. The source of the SUNY Plattsburgh case is under investigation.

Students who are susceptible to mumps due to a lack of vaccinations will be excluded from campus for 26 days after the last possible exposure if they do not get vaccinated.

The New York State Department of Health said this is common practice in these situations in order to prevent a large outbreak.

"We are warning colleges and universities in New York State and beyond that the outbreak of mumps in Long Beach could lead to other cases," said New York State Health Commissioner Dr. Howard Zucker. "SUNY Oswego and SUNY Plattsburgh both have high percentages of vaccinated students, and we appreciate their cooperation in doing everything they can to prevent the spread of mumps on their campuses. We urge students, faculty and staff members with symptoms that could indicate mumps to seek medical care."

Mumps is a highly-contagious viral disease, which contains such symptoms as fever, headache and swelling of the salivary glands. These symptoms typically appear approximately 16-18 days after infection, but this period can range from 12-25 days after infection.

Mumps cannot be treated.

To learn more about the mumps, visit the NYSDOH website.

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