SUNY Geneseo concludes review of controversial professor

Photo taken by student of professor David Sorbello's controversial Transgender lecture last month (Provided photo)

Geneseo, N.Y. - SUNY Geneseo says it has wrapped up its investigation into an adjunct professor at the school.

Students complained after David Sorbello allegedly gave a controversial transgender lecture in a sociology class.

"We have now followed the procedure through to its conclusion and are taking appropriate steps based on the outcomes of the review," SUNY Geneseo Denise Battles wrote in a message to the campus this week. "While I am not at liberty to share details of those outcomes and subsequent actions due to personnel and privacy constraints, I believe our approach was equitable, deliberative and thorough and the resulting actions both well-considered and consistent with our institutional values."

SUNY Geneseo has confirmed to 13WHAM News that David Sorbello is still employed as an adjunct faculty member at the college.

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