Police: Teen admitted to stabbing grandmother, motive still unclear

This is the corner behind Burger King in the Village of Albion where an employee said law enforcement found and arrested Brandon Foster. The teen is accused of attempting to murder his grandmother. (WHAM photo)

Albion, N.Y. (WHAM) – Albion Police said Brandon Foster, 17, of Albion admitted to stabbing his own grandmother. He is charged with attempted murder.

Police said he stabbed his grandmother, 54-year-old Rachael Spearance, inside her Albion home Sunday night.

Spearance told 13WHAM she wasn't ready to share her story, but according to court papers she woke up to her dog barking and someone standing next to her bed. She says that is when the attack began.

In her police report, Spearance wrote, "I was awake and (he) started stabbing me while I was still in bed. I didn't realize he was stabbing me until later."

Police said Foster climbed into a window in the back of his grandmother's home on Oak Orchard Road.

Orleans County District Attorney Joseph Cardone said they're still trying to figure out the teenager’s motive.

“When he went into the house, he indicated that he did it because he was angry, but we don't know what he was angry about," Cardone said.

Spearance told police, "He got behind me and put me in a chokehold."

She said the fight then moved to the kitchen.

“I realized it was my grandson when we got in the kitchen, because I have the light on over my stove,” Spearance wrote in the report. “I saw his face and knew it was him."

Foster's mother told 13WHAM he's been in trouble before for stealing from the family.

“His grandma has been very supportive of him,” Cardone said. “We are aware that he's been basically homeless for several months now, that there's been problems with him and his mother and siblings."

According to police, Foster stole $23.00 cash and fled the scene, prompting an hours-long search in the Village of Albion that ended behind the Burger King on S. Main St.

A Burger King employee who did not want to speak with 13WHAM on camera said she was outside, behind the restaurant, when she noticed K-9s go to the corner behind some bushes. That is where she said she saw the teen hiding, and moments later she said authorities moved in and arrested him.

“When law enforcement spoke with him, he was cooperative,” said Cardone. “He needs to come to grips with his conduct, and take responsibility for what he's done here, and then we can go on from there.”

Foster is being held at the Orleans County Jail and is scheduled for a hearing at Albion Town Court on July 11. Further charges are pending.

Foster’s mother told 13WHAM she's hoping jail time can help turn his life around.

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