The Boss brings in big business

Bruce Springsteen

"This is the type of arena he cut his teeth in. This is where his band started," Jeff Calkins, the General Manager of the Blue Cross Arena said about Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band choosing his venue.

The Boss will be playing the Blue Cross Arena Saturday to a sold-out crowd.

Calkins told 13WHAM News that crews have been working non-stop to prepare for the Boss. "There are a lot of moving pieces all the time. It will take a good eight hours to set the show up, get everything ready and go through the sound checks," he added.

His said his team is not complaining since The Blue Cross Arena is bringing in an added boost of revenue. That goes for the City of Rochester as well.

Calkins said the amount of money is great for the city, "I estimate it will have a half a million dollars, minimum, impact to this community."

Restaurants are seeing a spike in business - many cannot take more reservations and hotels in the city are at full capacity.

Edibles restaurant owner Jason Herbert said entertainment in the city is what keeps his business thriving, "People are out and about, drinking and eating. It is busier than normal, which is great. Thank you Bruce Springsteen!"

He added, "I know we don't have the biggest venue, so I think it's great. We get to see great acts, and I think it's a testament to him loving his fans."

Fans said Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band have a soft spot for the City of Rochester, and that's what they love about the band.

"I think as long as he's on tour, he'll keep coming back," Calkins said with a smile on his face.

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