No cell phones allowed at Dome Arena's Jack White concert

(WHAM photo)

Henrietta, N.Y. – Concert-goers at the Dome Arena in Henrietta will have their cell phones locked up, but with them, at the Jack White Concert Thursday night. The San Francisco-based company Yondr is on tour with White, making sure his shows are cell phone free.

“We're not taking away anyone's personal property,” said Yondr Tour Manager Caleb Johannes. “This way, people can take in their phones and they can check it at any time.”

The system is simple: After concert-goers have their tickets scanned, they hand their cell phone to someone with Yondr, who locks it in a bag and hands it back to them. Then, they’ll head through security and into the venue.

If a person needs access to their phone at any time, all they have to do it step out of the show, find the designated phone area and someone with Yondr will unlock the bag.

“It doesn't block cellular service, so if it's in your pocket or on your person, you'll feel it vibrate,” said Johannes.

The idea of a phone-free show is exciting for Jennifer Bozzette, who was waiting outside the Dome Arena since 9:30 Thursday morning.

“The show and this is bucket list for me - way up at the top, getting to see Jack White, and I really wanted to experience it,” said Bozzette. “I think we've been pulled away from the things we're going to, because everyone's trying to get the right show, and nobody ever gets the right shot.”

Johannes tells us those who experience Yondr tend to like it.

“The response on the way out is great. They're just like, 'Oh my god, that was going to a show, like, 15 years ago,'” said Johannes.

Yondr began in 2014. The system has been used by other musicians and comedians. It’s also been used at movie premieres and screenings.

A spokesperson with Yondr says they also work with schools, and the system is currently being used in 1,000 across the country.

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