Time Warner Cable internet speeds under fire is one tool you can use to test your internet speed (WHAM photo)

Time Warner Cable has already been accused of selling internet speeds they cannot deliver, and a Canandaigua woman said it has been happening to her for years.

Tammy Baer told 13WHAM News that Time Warner cannot deliver the internet speeds customers pay for. She said, "I think they're hugely taking advantage of people. I pay for 30 megabytes each month. I'll never get that. I'm running a speed test daily and we're getting one megabyte, five megabytes, occasionally 20."

Time Warner told Baer to rewire her house, get a new modem, then hard wire all of her devices. Still, she said, there has been no resolution.

This issue has also been on the radar of New York's Attorney General. Eric Schneiderman wrote a scathing letter in early June to Charter Communications, the company acquiring Time Warner Cable. He said he would investigate the company's apparent failure to deliver reliable and fast internet as promised to New York customers. In a statement, New York Attorney General, Eric Schneiderman said, "When families pay top dollar thinking they're getting the fastest internet speeds available, they deserve to get what they're paying for."

Baer said consumers should check their internet speeds and hold Time Warner accountable. She added, "If you're not running a speed test, how would you know? You just expect to be getting what you're paying for."

Tech experts said you can check your speed on your internet provider's website or a third party site like Nick Francesco said accurately tests your download and upload speeds. He told 13WHAM News, "If you're paying for 20 or 50 megabytes, you should be getting something close to that. People are paying for speeds they're not actually getting."

To check your internet speed, click here.

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