Todd Baxter stepping down from Veterans Outreach Center

Todd Baxter is stepping down as Executive Director at the Veterans Outreach Center after three years. (VOC photo)

Rochester, N.Y. - The Veterans Outreach Center is saying goodbye to a proven leader in the Rochester community.

Executive Director Todd Baxter announced Thursday afternoon he will step down from the organization after three years, saying it has been his honor to lead the VOC.

In a statement released Thursday, Baxter said he and his family are weighing future plans as their youngest child graduates high school and gets ready to enter college.

He is confident the leadership transition will be a smooth one.

"The most important step now is insuring a clean hand-off of the leadership of the VOC so that no veterans are left in want. My focus will be on a seamless leadership change that will result in a continuation in the services our veterans rely on and ensuring the long term viability of this outstanding organization," wrote Baxter.

Baxter once served as Greece Police Chief at the beginning of the decade, where he's credited with turning around a department whose reputation was tarnished by the arrests of several officers.

Prior to that role, he served as police captain in Rochester.

Baxter was diagnosed with prostate cancer last year. He credits a blood test for saving his life, where his cancer was detected early enough to be treatable.

His last day at Veterans Outreach Center will be April 14th.

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