Sports reporter takes hit, bounces back up at Bills game

Jenna Cottrell was alright after getting hit by an NFL player on the sidelines of the Bills game Sunday. (Screengrab from Fox broadcast)

Orchard Park, N.Y. (WHAM) - Jenna Cottrell is just fine.

She kicked the snot out of cancer not too long ago.

On Sunday, she showed off her fortitude once again on the sideline of the Bills game.

It’s a weekly tradition for the 13WHAM Sports reporter to catch some big hits on video, while covering the Bills.

But at Orchard Park Sunday, it was Cottrell taking the hit – a hit that quickly went viral among WNY Twitter heads and sports aficionados.

Oohs and ahhs echoed through the 13WHAM newsroom in the 4th quarter against the Buccaneers when a slow-mo replay indicated it was Cottrell who was hit by Tampa Bay’s Mike Evans.

Evans went crashing into the sideline, knocking over Cottrell and her camera, which she managed to keep from smashing to the ground.

“She’s okay. She was actually laughing,” said Toby Motyka, who got in contact with her immediately after, then alerted his colleagues.

Don Alhart, vacationing in Aruba, even saw the hit, reaching out to the newsroom to check in.

A couple tweets from Cottrell from the stadium also put her pals and fans at ease.

Edit: An earlier version of this headline referred to sports reporter Jenna Cottrell as a "tough cookie." We recognize that this word choice, innocent and amiable as it was intended to be, can be construed as demeaning to the female gender. Apologies to those who were offended by it. We would have used badass, but that isn't overly acceptable as a headline.

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