Tree cuts through Irondequoit home one day before it was to be cut down

Irondequoit, N.Y. (WHAM) - The tree in the Fasino's front yard was supposed to be taken down Wednesday.

But the tree company they were going to hire for the job said the weather was too windy and said they should wait until Thursday.

The Fasinos had no idea that the tree would already be down by the time Thursday came around.

The wildly windy weather that swept through the Rochester area and western New York brought the tree down, sending it crashing through their roof and into their kitchen.

"We saw a kitchen that was totally destroyed. There was a tree in it," Richard Fasino said.

The tree fell around 9 p.m. on Van Voorhis Avenue in Irondequoit. Richard and Linda, who have lived in the home for 53 years, said there was no warning when it happened.

The couple was in the back of the home in their living room and said it sounded like the house was coming apart.

Richard and Linda got up to see what had happened around saw the 15-ton tree had come through the kitchen wall and landed on the table they had been sitting at just 30 minutes earlier.

RG&E crews left the house around 11 a.m.

Richard said the tree company called back Thursday morning to reschedule and he simply told them it was no longer needed.

The good news in all of this? Richard said the tree missed all of the family's heirloom Christmas decorations in the attic by mere inches.

13WHAM News spoke with a code enforcement officer in the Town of Irondequoit, who said this is one of a few cases they have seen like this. The officer said it is not uncommon for trees to be weakened by a storm and then fall one or two days later.

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