Trial of woman accused of biting Gates police officer begins

(WHAM photo)

ROCHESTER, NY (WHAM) - Kenshara Robinson is accused of biting a Gates police officer last year as he tried to calm her down in her holding cell.

The investigator who was allegedly attacked spoke in court about that day, as Robinson's trial began Tuesday.

The investigator said Robinson became physically combative when he tried to arrest her.

In court Tuesday, Robinson sat along side of her attorney, taking notes as three witnesses took to the stand. This all began last July, when a friend of hers who she was staying with temporarily told her she had to get out.

Robinson's friend testified in court. He said when she came back to get her things a few days after being asked to leave, the two started arguing.

He said she allegedly stole his debit card and later used it to withdraw money.

"We heard from the civilians involving the alleged burglary, as well as the investigator regarding the alleged assault," said Assistant District Attorney Michael Bezer.

The investigator involved in the case said he went to Robinson's job to ask a few questions. He then said she admitted to taking the card, but said her friend wouldn't have minded if she used it.

The investigator then arrested her, when he said Robinson became physically combative.

"For me to really describe it, I don't think I can give it justice to really how he described it and how it made him feel, taking medication as a result of what happened to him," said Bezer.

After Robinson's arrest, the investigator said she was placed in a holding cell where she continuously yelled and said, "Let me go."

The investigator said when they tried to handcuff her to a section inside the cell to calm her down, she bit him.

Robinson then allegedly yelled she was infected with HIV and hoped the investigator would get infected.

The investigator had to go to the hospital and take a series of medicines to flush his system of any diseases.

He said it made him sick for days, causing him to miss work.

"There wasn't, like, just a bite and that was it. It was a process afterwards as a result of the medication. It wasn't just something he was over with after it happened," said Bezer.

It's still unclear if, as a result of the alleged bite, the investigator became infected with anything.

The trial will resume on Wednesday.

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