Two 19th century chalkboards discovered in Livingston Co. museum

One of two chalkboards found in the building which used to be District No. 5 Geneseo Schoolhouse. (Photo: Liv. Co. Museum)

Geneseo, N.Y. (WHAM) - While moving large cabinets to prepare for an upcoming exhibit, workers at the Livingston County Museum found something unexpected.

Two chalkboards were uncovered by curators, with the words and drawings still in excellent condition.

The building which now houses the museum used to be District No. 5 Geneseo Schoolhouse, which served as a school from 1838 until 1932.

One of the boards shows "o" spelling words, as well as part of the story of the Myth of Ceres and Proserpine.

The second board shows "E Spelling" and "D Spelling" and lists the names of several students at the school.

Workers also uncovered an 1883 penny, a paper airplane, chalk and marbles.

The museum is located on Center Street in Geneseo.

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