"Weg-cation": Two employees visit all 97 Wegmans stores in one week

(Photo: Sarah Wells/Instagram)

Buffalo, N.Y. – You might think you’re at the grocery store a lot – but just wait until you meet two young women from Buffalo. They not only work at Wegmans – they vacation there, too!

With coffee and a full tank of gas, Sarah Wells and Rebecca Hurley set out to visit all 97 Wegmans stores in a weekwhile on vacation from their jobs at Wegmans.

“Rebecca and I just wanted to go on a road trip,” said Sarah. “We didn’t have any destination in mind. It came up as an idea, and we took it as a challenge and ran with it.”

Day one: A marathon. The duo visited just under 40 stores, all in Buffalo and Rochester.

Day two: They started thinking about the beach. But those familiar aisles were calling.

“We had to see it through,” said Sarah. “We were glad we did.”

She added, “Some people are like, ‘Why are you doing this? Who would want to spend that much time in a car to see a grocery store?’ But there’s been a surprising amount of people who want to do something like this.”

Friends and coworkers were so interested, they chronicled their Weg-cation on Instagram, store after store. And, while some may look alike, Wells says there were difference. Her favorites included the new Natick, Massachusetts store, as well as the old Fairport Road store.

“It has a really cool feel,” she said. ‘It doesn’t feel like any other Wegmans, and kind of takes you back in time a bit.”

Many stores were quick stops – a picture, then back on the road. When the trips were over, they’d logged 4,000 miles in seven days – all with no regretsonly new stores to look forward to.

“It was a good challenge,” said Sarah, “and something nobody else can saywhich is probably good.”

Both Sarah and Rebecca work at the kitchen at the Sheridan Road store in Buffalo. Sarah said she came away from the trip looking at Wegmans differently for how it is appreciated in all the different communities.

And no, she says she didn’t do it for brownie points with her boss.

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