Two lawsuits filed against former Henrietta supervisor Jack Moore, claiming harassment

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    Henrietta, N.Y. – Two civil lawsuits have been filed against the former Henrietta town supervisor, along with two other employees with the town. The lawsuits allege discrimination, sexual harassment and a hostile work environment.

    The defendants listed in each lawsuit include former town supervisor Jack Moore, Deputy Director of Engineering and Planning Craig Eckert, and Deputy Town Supervisor Peter Minotti.

    The lawsuits were filed Monday by former town employees Marlene Youngman and Barbara Bresnan.

    (The following paperwork contains instances of strong/offensive language; reader discretion is advised)

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    Youngman, who had been employed as a management assistant in the Public Works/Highway Department, alleged that, under Supervisor Moore, she was “routinely bypassed for overtime opportunities” and that a program was installed on her computer to monitor her activities. She claims her complaints to the town were met with a proposed transfer, which would result in a pay cut and loss of hours.

    She also alleged Eckert treated her differently than male employees. Her allegations include delays in vacation requests and a camera system being utilized to monitor her activities.

    Youngman filed a number of EEOC complaints, claiming discrimination. An investigation launched following a February 2015 complaint found reasonable cause to believe she had been discriminated against.

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    An EEOC complaint filed in May 2015 cited other alleged examples of racist or sexist comments and actions. These alleged incidents include Moore stating, while moving Youngman’s desk at the time of her transfer, that it was, “as heavy as ten dead (racial slur),” and that two female employees were referred to as “Big Marie” and “Little Marie” based on their breast sizes.

    In 2017, Youngman was arrested for eavesdropping and possession of an eavesdropping device. The charges were later dismissed, but, in her lawsuit, Youngman alleged she was set up by a town employee in an effort to have her disciplined or fired.

    Youngman is seeking damages in relation to back and front pay, compensatory damages stemming from the alleged hostile work environment and attorney’s fees.

    The second lawsuit, filed by employee Barbara Bresnan, alleged sexual discrimination on the part of the former town supervisor.

    (The following paperwork contains instances of strong/offensive language; reader discretion is advised)

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    In her lawsuit, Bresnan claimed Moore, after assuming the role of supervisor, made inappropriate comments towards her, including referring to her as “my girl.”

    She claimed that offensive comments were later made regarding her sexual orientation by Mr. Moore, including an incident in March 2014 when, describing her, he allegedly said to a member of the town’s Human Resources Department, “Tell me she don’t just look like a guy.” Additionally, she alleges her work assignments changed after Moore learned she was a lesbian, and that she was replaced by a male employee.

    Bresnan alleged that, at one point, Moore justified the male employee because “being a man, he was able to do certain things that Barb couldn’t do.”

    An EEOC investigation found there was reasonable evidence pointing toward harassment and discrimination against Bresnan.

    She is seeking damages stemming from stress, pain and suffering stemming from the alleged discrimination, as well as back and front pay.

    Jack Moore was defeated in a 2017 race for town supervisor by Democrat Steve Schultz. In April 2018, he was convicted of harassment in Brighton Town Court. He had been accused of driving and honking at the home of a former town employee. That employee claimed, after working for the town for nearly three decades, Moore’s behavior forced him into early retirement.

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