Two stories, two providers at the center of helping combat addiction

    It's a conflict in the opioid crisis involving two local drug treatment providers engaged in a public feud.

    ROCHESTER, NY (WHAM) - It's a conflict in the opioid crisis involving two local drug treatment providers engaged in a public feud.

    It comes as a record number of people died from opioid overdoses in May and centers around two different stories: one of competition and one of collaboration.

    Delphi Rise representatives said Tuesday's meeting was part of their regular schedule and focused on how everyone can work together to help combat addiction.

    However, Gates to Recovery said it was more of an attack on its group.

    The stories may vary about what happened but, the mission to save lives remains the same.

    "Instead of fighting over what lanes we should be in and whose territory we are touching let's focus on saving lives," said Mark Assini, Gates Town Supervisor.

    "This is not a competition for dollars or clients there is just more needs out there than all of us can fill," said Carl Hatch - Feir, CEO and President of Delphi Rise.

    It's one of the things these two people agree on when it comes to the heroin crisis.

    However, they paint two different versions about what happened earlier this week.

    "That was the point of the meeting on Tuesday was how could we better engage with one another and work collaboratively," said Hatch - Feir.

    He denies it was an emergency meeting among local agencies and says at no point was there a discussion to shut down Gates to Recovery.

    "I try to think we are all in this together maybe we are not," said Dave Attridge, with Gates to Recovery. G

    "I think there is an effort to kind of silence us or put us on the back burner maybe shut us down," said Assini.

    He said there was concern about how Gates to Recovery operates and where they are sending referrals to. Most recently partnering up with an organization in Pennsylvania for detox beds.

    "If they had any questions or concerns or anything like that give me a call," said Attridge.

    The grassroots group picked up traction last August when they first opened.

    Hatch - Feir said he sees them as an important component in the fight against addiction.

    "We all have roles to play, Gates to Recovery has a role to play in that, the provider has a role to play," he added.

    He said he has reached out to Gates to Recovery to figure out how they can work together.

    Both sides agreeing that a potential partnership could ultimately mean getting more help to the people that need it.

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