URMC doctor accused of raping former resident files counter-suit

    Dr. Johan Blickman, M.D., is a professor and pediatric radiology doctor at Strong Memorial Hospital. He has been there since 2009. (WHAM photo)<p>{/p}

    Rochester, N.Y. – A professor and doctor who works for the University of Rochester is counter-suing a former resident who accused him of raping her and then threatening to sabotage her career.

    The lawsuit against Dr. Johan Blickman, a professor of pediatric radiology at Strong Memorial Hospital, alleges he came to know the plaintiff when she was going through a pediatric rotation, as part of her medical residency, at Rochester General Hospital. The alleged victim accused Blickman drugging and raping her after he invited her to her home in August 2014. She alleged Blickman took photos of her and threatened to, “use these pictures to humiliate her and that he would destroy her career.”

    Other allegations include Blickman meeting with the plaintiff and her boyfriend, during which he allegedly asked the boyfriend to find information on his ex-wife, implying he wanted to kill her.

    In his counter-suit, filed March 5, Dr. Blickman is seeking millions of dollars in damages stemming from the allegations made against him. He claims, between September 2014 and January 2016, he and the plaintiff had a consensual relationship. He states that a subsequent investigation by the university, conducted after it received a complaint about alleged inappropriate interactions, the relationship was ruled as being consensual.

    Blickman lists six causes of action in his counter-suit, seeking $10 million for each one. The doctor says all of the allegations made against him by the plaintiff are false, defamatory and libelous. Blickman says the accusations caused harm to his business and his reputation with his employer.

    In her lawsuit, the alleged victim is seeking $30 million from Blickman.

    A spokesperson for the university said Blickman remains on leave from the medical center. Additionally, the university said it, "did not participate in or have advance knowledge of Dr. Blickman's claim, and we have no comment on the legal arguments. We stand by our previous statements regarding the matter."

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