Victor football team rallies around player after his father is severely injured

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VICTOR, NY (WHAM) -- Camden Hay says he's read it everyday since the accident.

“There’s a note on the table where my mom wrote, 'Have a safe trip,' and he wrote back, 'Love you guys, can’t wait to see you guys in a week, can’t wait to get back,'" Hay said. "'Be good to Mom.'”

He and his Dad, Tim Hay, share a love of sports. Camden is a junior varsity football player for victor. Tim is one of his biggest fans.

Back on October 14, Tim was in a horrific car crash while on a work trip in Ohio. The car was totaled, and Tim broke multiple bones, including both legs, an arm, and his pelvis.

Sutton Boland is teammates with Camden. The news of what happened spread quick.

“It was a tragic accident and really sad," Boland says.

Boland says the team stepped up and offered support to Camden. The mother of one of the players started a GoFundMe account which has already raised $80,000. After weeks and two surgeries in Ohio, Tim was finally brought to Strong Memorial Hospital on Thursday.

“It’s a great community that rallies around each other, and that is bigger than the x’s and o’s of football," says head coach Geoff Mandile

There is still a long road ahead in recovery, and Camden says it could be months before his Dad walks again. But Friday night, there will be a TV provided for him. Tim will be able to watch, and cheer for his son.

“I love you," Hay said in a message to his dad. "I’m playing for you. Hope you enjoy watching."

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