Video shows raging flood waters in Lodi Point

Rowan Collins points to her damaged cars outside her home in Lodi Point.

LODI POINT, N.Y. -- Rowan Collins and her partner were sleeping when they heard the roaring waters. They looked outside their window to find a path of destruction.

"My car is on top of Kent's car,” said Collins as she recorded the damage on her phone. (Warning: Video features expletives)

"We heard some bumping below us and thought it was the landlords moving some stuff to prepare for a bit of a flood, but instead it was our cars bumping against the garage and a whole bunch of trees,” Collins told 13WHAM.

Collins and her partner were safe in a second story apartment. Their neighbor in a nearby mobile home had to be evacuated. The flood waters rushed into that home and damaged a nearby propane tank.

"It was just leaking this ridiculous vapor and gas into the water and the air,” said Collins.

To the south in Montour Falls Jody Saunders captured the intensity of Shequaga Falls.

Not far from the raging falls, rescues were underway at a campground at Montour Marina. Stacey Parrish Stegner captured video along with pictures outside the Schuyler County Humane Society. The building was surrounded by water, but all the animals were safe. The organization is asking for financial donations to help care for all the animals.

Back in Lodi Point, Collins is in awe of the destruction, waiting to assess the damage.

"We think of ourselves as isolated from anything nature can inflict on us and its stuff like this that makes you a little bit more respectful of it,” said Collins.

Collins and her partner were eventually evacuated by rescue crews.

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