Nigerian political leaders pay visit to Susan B. Anthony House

Political leaders visiting the U.S. from Nigeria paid a visit Friday to the Susan B. Anthony House (WHAM photo)

Rochester, N.Y. – This election is being watched for many reasons – but none probably quite like the reason given by five visitors to our area Friday.

The visitors, political leaders from Nigeria, visited the Susan B. Anthony House through a State Department program allowing them to study our election process and the role of women.

They had not heard of Susan B. Anthony until Friday, but said they quickly related to her.

“I identify myself with her,” said Zainab Audu Bako. “And I’ve learned so much. The system here is different from back home in Nigeria and is very interesting, very educated, and I’m taking a lot to go back home with, and sort of mentor youths and women to come into this system.”

All five women will be visiting the U.S. for another week, so they will be able to see the outcome of this election.

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