Waste Management promises changes at High Acres Landfill; opponents say they're not enough

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    Perinton, N.Y. – After years of complaints by neighbors, changes are coming for the High Acres Landfill in Perinton. But some argue the measures don’t go far enough.

    Among the 10 changes announced by Waste Management, the landfill has agreed to do a study on the best way to get rid of odors coming from the landfill. Enhanced deodorizing mist systems will be installed, and there will be a real-time response and verification of odor complaints.

    Opponents, however, say Waste Management’s promises don’t go far enough.

    “We certainly don’t need a study,” said Linda Shaw, the attorney for Fresh Air for the Eastside. “We certainly do need air sampling, which we’ve been asking for for the last nine months. It’s got to be the kind of sampling that really captures all of the types of gases that are coming from the landfill. What was proposed today were only two types of gases, and that is not sufficient to really accomplish what the town said they want this study to accomplish, which is actually what is being emitted from the landfill.”

    “Whether or not these changes will work, I don’t know,” said Perinton Town Supervisor Mike Barker. “If they don’t, we’ll continue to push for more. We have really good people that are working on this with Waste Management and, most importantly, with the New York State DEC, who regulates the landfill, and we’ll continue to address the issue.”

    The changes must be approved by the New York State DEC.

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