West Irondequoit District leaders work to get students home on time

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    Irondequoit, N.Y. - West Irondequoit Central School District leaders are continuing to address transportation issues after some students were dropped off last week nearly two hours late.

    They are working to streamline routes as well trying to shorten ride time for students.

    Priscilla Kruglov is breathing a sigh of relief after her daughter arrived home from school on Tuesday. This time she was only ten minutes late.

    “It feels great that they are making changes, that I know when she's going to be home,” she said.

    She is talking about the changes the school district is making to their bus routes to get kids home on time.

    Last week, six-year-old Fiona was dropped off nearly two hours late.

    “It was terrifying. We didn't know where they were, we didn't know who the bus driver was,” said Kruglov, Fiona’s mom.

    The district said it takes full responsibility and is now sending robocalls out to parents if a bus will be more than 20 minutes late.

    “Our goal is to be on time as much as possible,” said Tim Terranova, Deputy Superintendent.

    They’ve also added bus monitors to some of their routes.

    “For bus monitors to have a better feel for where they are going, because these are people from our community that know the roads better than anybody,” he added.

    He said their work isn't done and they are continuing to find ways to make drop offs happen on or close to time.

    Included in the improvements: The district has rearranged some students to different buses to make the times for efficient for drop-off.

    “Not only the bus runs are effiicient and the kids are safe but, the communication between vendors and our district is such that we deal with problems right away and fix them right away,” he added.

    Meanwhile Kruglov said she hopes Fiona will soon be coming home right on time.

    “In an ideal world, I would be able to come out and see her get off the bus within five minutes of me coming out,” said Kruglov.

    District leaders said they continue working with bus drivers on practice runs to become more familiar with routes.

    They didn’t have to make any robocalls in Tuesday. That’s because all of the buses were less than 20 minutes.

    District leaders encourage parents to continue calling them if any other issues arise.

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