Friday's sentencing not the end for the Rideouts

The Rideouts will be sentenced Friday, October 13. (Photos: Monroe County Sheriff's Office)

It has been just over one year since Craig Rideout when missing - and Friday, we will learn how long an entire family will spend in prison for their roles in his murder and cover up.

Laura Rideout was convicted of murder, tampering with evidence and burglary in her estranged husband's death.

Her son Colin was also convicted of murder and tampering with evidence. Alex Rideout was acquitted of murder, but found guilty for tampering with evidence.

Laura and Colin both face a maximum sentence of 26 years to life in state prison.

Alex Rideout faces 3-8 years in prison for his two tampering with evidence convictions.

Friday afternoon, Paul Tucci will not be sitting with Laura, Colin and Alex Rideout, as he did when he was a defendant in Craig Rideout's murder.

He was acquitted and will now watch his girlfriend, Laura Rideout, from the courtroom benches along with Craig Rideout's mother, Nes Rideout and his sister, Robbyn Drew.

Tucci says his world has been ripped apart, because Laura is the love of his life. He says she's just fine in jail and more concerned about her baby, Colin, potentially being sentenced to life in prison.

Paul Tucci says all three Rideouts have statements prepared to read in court tomorrow - as does Robbyn Drew. She requested to read a letter she wrote to her sister-in-law and two nephews, who are now going away to prison.

This road however, is far from over. After sentencing, the defense lawyers plan to begin the lengthy appeals process, pointing to spillover from the joint trial and contaminated evidence. Tucci says he optimistic because there are few cases like this one.

13WHAM News will have an entire crew in the courtroom Friday, along with cameras.

We will also stream the sentencing live on

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