Whole Foods: Proposed demolition the focus of Wednesday meeting

(WHAM photo)

Brighton, N.Y. – Wednesday night, the Brighton Planning Board heard arguments on a measure to demolish the old Mario’s Restaurant on Monroe Avenue – to make way for a new Whole Foods Plaza.

Concerned neighbors spoke at Wednesday’s meeting, expressing their worries about the demolition.

They are asking how asbestos will be dealt with during the demolition. Some also argued demolition work will create traffic headaches along Monroe Avenue and the 490 interchange.

Some neighbors told 13WHAM they feel their concerns were heard by the board.

“We want to make sure that the Planning Board takes steps to address those concerns – health, noise, dirt, traffic, in the demolition stage of this,” said neighbor Thomas Gillette. “And we’d like to have those in place before anything starts to happen.”

Developers also attended the meeting, explaining their side. In a statement to 13WHAM, they said Wednesday’s meeting, “is part of the process. There are many steps between now and when this demolition is approved.”

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