Witnesses recount aftermath of deadly crash at Norton Street, Hudson Avenue

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    Rochester, N.Y. - As Rochester Police continue to investigate a fatal crash on the city's northeast side, those who were nearby the scene say they're shaken by what happened.

    Eric Jones of Greece died in the four-vehicle crash. Several others were hurt.

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    Kimberly Griffin, a nurse, lives near the intersection. She heard the crash as she was preparing for a party, and ran outside to help.

    ”It just clicked in my head. Once I got around the corner, I saw the one victim laying on the ground. It just automatically clicked in my head to go do something,” said Griffin.

    Griffin said she ran to first help a man who was pinned. But she says she soon realized she couldn’t help him.

    “After I realized I couldn’t help him, he took his last deep breath, and I went to the side to see if I could help the lady in the blue truck, but I couldn’t because she was pinned,” said Griffin.

    Griffin’s cousin, Lamar Jones, says he also ran outside to help. Like Griffin, he says he won’t forget what he saw.

    “It was gruesome, like something you don’t wipe out of your head or memory after you see; they kind of stick with you,” said Jones.

    Police have not said what may have led to the crash.

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