Xerox announces job cuts in Webster, other U.S. locations

The job cuts were announced Thursday morning. (Logo: Xerox)

Xerox confirms the company is cutting jobs at locations across the U.S. and Canada. That includes employees at its Webster campus.

In a statement, Xerox says a number of its employees were informed Thursday that their positions would be eliminated.

According to the company, the positions are primarily part of Xerox's internal IT operations.

They include IT software engineers, system engineers, program managers and associated support as well as finance managers.

Xerox says it is not sharing how many job cuts were made at this time.

Webster Town Supervisor Ron Nesbitt said he spoke with Xerox leaders on Thursday morning and will be meeting with them next week about the layoffs.

"We're still talking about them growing here in the town of Webster," Nesbitt said. "It's not the end of all ends. We continue to have diologue with Xerox about the buildings they have out there and what the town of Webster can do to lease those buildings to fill those buildings up with potential employment."

Xerox spokesperson Bill McKee said the cuts are part of Xerox's initiative to optimize its operations globally, adding that every decision is a difficult one and the company understands the impact on individuals.

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