Young Fairport girl battling rare brain tumor receives huge surprise from local students

Students surprised Zoey Daggett with a playhouse that looks like a fishbowl. (WHAM photo)

A 5-year-old girl from Fairport received a big surprise Sunday afternoon.

High school students from the ACE Mentor program of Rochester built a playhouse that looks like a fishbowl, and surprised a little Zoey Daggett with it.

“My heart melted," said Michaela Temperato, a student at Churchville Chili who helped build the playhouse.

Zoey has a rare brain tumor called DIPG, but family and friends say she is still filled with happiness.

"It’s very nice to see all that work pay off for a great purpose, for a great person," said West Irondequoit student Noah Gay, who also helped build the playhouse for Zoey.

Zoey's parents say the fishbowl playhouse is perfect for her because she loves mermaids.

"People going out of their way to do something for somebody they don’t know, I mean it’s great," said Zoey's father, Ben Daggett.

"To see her, how happy she is, with just everyday life, and her laugh, and the smile when she sees new things, and the greatness of others. It makes me so happy. It’s a great feeling," said Zoey's mother, Casey Daggett.

Students from the ACE Mentor Program had just four days to build the playhouse. They delivered it to her in person.

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