Your Stories: Dogs deemed dangerous barred from Pittsford

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    Pittsford, N.Y. - Two dogs, accused in separate attacks, have been deemed so dangerous by a court that they’ve been barred from the Town of Pittsford and will be moved to a new neighborhood.

    In one case, an injured dog was attacked in its home. In another, a man was bitten while trying to save his own pet. The owner of the attacking dogs admitted they’re dangerous in court Tuesday. They’ve been barred from Pittsford – but not seized.

    Kara Michalski says a dog named Sadie got out and chased her 11-year-old son down the street – directly into the safety of his home.

    “He broke through the screen door and started shaking Preston,” Michalski recounted. “the dog actually leapt through my front door, carrying my Bishon in its mouth.”

    “He had multiple wounds. He had been bitten on the leg, which I was afraid would be a fracture,” said Dr. Bryce Hauschildt, who treated the injured dog.

    While on walks in the same neighborhood, another dog was attacked. “Jazzy” was attacked twice. Both times, her owner, Ray Reinagel, intervened – once with his hand, and once with a broom.

    “The only reason (the wounds) weren’t worse was because the owner was there to help intervene and prevent it from getting worse,” said Hauschildt, who treated Jazzy as well.

    After the first attack, Reinagel was treated at Urgent Care. The second attack involved two dogs, Sadie and Maverick. In court, the dogs’ owners admitted they are dangerous but refused to surrender the animals.

    Because of a procedural loophole, all of the attacks are considered one incident – not enough to seize the dogs. The town’s attorney sought the only remedy he could: To bar the dogs from Pittsford.

    The owner of the dogs has a second residence and business on Jefferson Road in Henrietta. It’s presumed the dogs will now move there.

    “We worked really hard to have them not on my street anymore,” said Michalski, “but really the problem is just moving to another town.”

    The dogs’ owner left court without comment. 13WHAM reached out to her at both addresses and by email but have yet to hear back.

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