Your Stories: RG&E leaves paraplegic customer in the dark

Your Stories: RG&E leaves paraplegic customer in the dark (WHAM Photo)

Rochester, N.Y. - An RG&E customer is not happy after he says the company cut off his electricity, even though he claims his account was paid and in good standing.

"Yesterday, upon my arrival, we couldn't get in the house," said David Hebert of Irondequoit. "There was a notice on the front door that we did see, and RG&E did shut off our power."

Hebert checked his auto pay and noticed that he made an $80 payment to RG&E two weeks ago. He says he thought his account was paid in full until customer service explained that he owed another $280.

"They didn't give me a warning," Hebert said. "I paid the bill immediately when I called them, and they said there was discrepancy in the month prior and they still couldn't give me a time frame."

Hebert has been paralyzed for 32 years. A car accident took away his ability to walk. He relies on electric stair lifts and key pads to be mobile around the house.

"Me, being a paraplegic of 32 years, my lifestyle is a little different," Hebert said. "Did they know I was in a chair? No. But, they don't know circumstances. They don't call you, or ask questions. They just shut you down."

A spokesperson for RG&E says they can't comment on complaints, but the company admits that customers should receive three written notices before power is shut off.

"For people like us who are physically challenged, we need it more than anyone," Hebert said. "We can't go without power. We need the power, and in those cases, they need to be a little more sensitive to our needs."

RG&E did restore Hebert's power about 24 hours after it was shut off. A spokesperson said Friday that 24-hour restoration is a normal time window.

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