Cellphone video shows planes falling from sky after mid-air collision

    Cellphone video shows the two planes falling from the sky after colliding in mid-air. (Instagram video used with permission from Daniel Miralles)

    A man in Miami took cellphone video of the planes falling out of the sky before they crashed in the Florida Everglades.

    Daniel Miralles said he and his friend, Gary Winthorpe, were out fishing when the planes collided in mid-air Tuesday afternoon.

    “Imagine an 18-wheeler going 100 miles an hour and colliding into a wall. That’s what it sounded like,” said Miralles in an interview with CBS4 Miami.

    “Out of nowhere, we hear a semi-pass by and then we hear this big explosion so in our heads we’re thinking the semi-truck crashed and we look up and all you see is this giant ball of flame,” Winthorpe said. “You see one spinning, falling down and you see the other one engulfed in flames falling down.”

    Miralles used his cellphone to capture video of the debris falling to the ground.

    Four people were killed, including a man who worked as a flight instructor at the Lantana Airport, 72-year-old Ralph Knight.

    The FAA and NTSB are investigating the crash.

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