Family, friends remember preschooler killed on school bus

Cambria Shuman, 5, died Tuesday on Ray Rd. in Gumbranch (Photo: Ian Dembling)

Hundreds of family members and friends of Cambria Shuman gathered Saturday to mourn her loss and say goodbye.

The five-year-old was killed in a bus accident. She got on the bus to school and the driver veered off the road, hitting a tree. All 21 passengers went to the hospital. Cambria died on scene.

"When I sleep, I see her. And she's happy. Happy as a clam," said Kris Shuman, Cambria's father.

Gumbranch Baptist Church was completely filled Saturday as tears filled the room. Cambria was buried across the street at the church's cemetery.

Cambria, or as she was also called "Cammie" or "Cam-Cam", leaves behind a grieving mother, father, stepmother, stepfather, three sisters and a brother, as well as several grandparents. Kris says his father was Cambria's best friend.

"My dad would say, 'Cambria let me tell you a secret'. And she would lean in and he would say 'I love you,'" he said.

FOX 28 has reached out to the Liberty County School System for more information.

We have been told that they are working to get us the driving record of 62-year-old Evelyn Rodriguez, who was manning the school bus the day of the crash.

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