Sen. Claire McCaskill says she was sexually harassed as an intern in Congress

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    WASHINGTON (Sinclair Broadcast Group) -- Sen. Claire McCaskill tells reporters that when she was an intern in Congress, she was sexually harassed.

    "Well I don't know, I will tell you I interned here in college and I was definitely sexually harassed as an intern in Congress back in the summer of 1974," McCaskill told The Washington Examiner. "I was definitely sexually harassed."

    McCaskill previously disclosed she was sexually harassed as a legislator in Missouri's statehouse.

    The senator from Missouri says that as a congresswoman she has been treated with respect but then added, "but that doesn't mean young people aren't being victimized."

    "That doesn't mean that there aren't still problems," McCaskill explained. "So I think what we're doing now is we are turning a page in this country and hopefully empowering young people to realize just because the person who has treated you inappropriately has more power that you do, it will be okay if you come forward."

    McCaskill wouldn't comment on whether she was specifically harassed by a staffer or member of the House.

    The Senator recently suffered went through some personal turmoil after her husband suffered a heart attack. He was hospitalized in an intensive care unit but is now recovering at home.

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